Learn English, Math, Citizenship and Computers in Cedar Riverside

Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative (CRAEC) is in the heart of the Cedar Riverside neighborhood. Classrooms are conveniently located in the Riverside Plaza apartment complex and the Brian Coyle Community Center across the street. CRAEC offers morning, afternoon and evening English language learning classes which include basic math and computer skills. In addition, students can sign up for one-on-one tutoring in citizenship or other topics of interest to accommodate the busy schedules of our adult learners.







To provide the skills and support necessary for adult learners to pursue education and employment goals.


Who we serve

The majority of our 400+ students are recent immigrants or refugees seeking to learn English in order to gain the necessary communication skills for finding and holding a job, going grocery shopping, navigating medical appointments, talking with their children’s teachers, or continuing their education. Over 90% of our students are East Africans who fled their native countries to escape Civil War, torture, death, and religious, ethnic, or political persecution. Many of our students have been victims of torture, have lived in a refugee camp, or have been politically persecuted. Some of our students have never experienced formal education and are not literate in their first language. Others have come from highly educated backgrounds, were professionals in their native countries and speak several languages.



Winter/Spring 2021 Zoom sessions

[January 04, 2021 - April 30, 2021]





Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative

School Calendar 2020/2021

Tue Sept 8th First day 1 of fall session

Fri Sept 11th Day Staff meeting (1 hour virtual meeting) [*]

Fri Sept 18th PD for teachers (virtual)

Sun Nov 1st Daylight Savings – Fall back 1 hour

Fri Sept 19th PD for teachers (virtual)

Thurs Nov 26th & Fri Nov 26th Thanksgiving

Thu Dec 17th Last day of Fall session

*2 weeks winter break (12/18/20 – 1/3/21)

Mon Jan 4th - day 1 of winter session

Mon Jan 18th  Martin Luther King Day – No classes

Mon Feb 15th Presidents Day – No classes

Sun March 14th Daylight Savings – Spring ahead 1 hour

*2 weeks Ramadan Break (Friday April 30th, 2021 to Sunday May 16, 2019)

[Ramadan 2021 : April 11, 2021 to May 12, 2021] 

Mon May 31th Memorial Day – No classes

Sat June 30th Last Day of Program Year (NRS Year)

Wed July 4 Independence Day : CRAEC closed

*3 weeks Summer Break

Friday August 20, 2021 to Monday, September 6, 2021

Tue Sept 7th day 1 of fall session

[*] every other Friday (during COVID-19 Pandemic)






Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative

School Calendar 2019/20


Mon Sept 9th First day of school (fall Session)

Thu Sept 26th Day Staff meeting

Mon Oct 21stCASAS READING Post-Testing week

Fall PD day ?

Thu Oct 31st Day Staff meeting

Sun Nov 3rd Daylight Savings – Fall back 1 hour

Thurs Nov 28th & Fri Nov 29th Thanksgiving – No classes (RC closed)

Mon Dec 16thCASAS READING Post-Testing week

Thu Dec 5th Day Staff meeting

Fri Dec 20th Last day of fall session

2 weeks winter break (12/21/19 – 1/5/20)

Mon Jan 6th First Day of winter session

Mon Jan 20th Martin Luther King Day – No school (RC closed)

Thu Jan 30th Day Staff meeting

Mon Feb 3rd CASAS READING Post-Testing week

Mon Feb 17th Presidents Day – No school (RC closed)

Thu Feb 27th Day Staff meeting

Sun March 8th Daylight Savings – Spring ahead 1 hour

Winter PD Day ?

Mon Mar 16th CASAS READING Post-Testing week

Thu Mar 26th Day Staff meeting

Mon Apr 30th Last Day of Contact Hours year

Mon May 11th CASAS READING Post-Testing week

Mon May 25th Memorial Day – No classes (RC closed)

2 weeks Ramadan Break (May 16th, 2020 to May 31st, 2020)  

Tue June 30th Last Day of Program Year 2019/2020 (NRS year)

3 weeks CRAEC Summer Break

Friday August 14th, 2020 to Sunday, September 7, 2020




  • Featured post

    #LoveSomalia Mobile Pack

    4_of_us.jpgOn Saturday some of our CRAEC staff members had the opportunity to participate in the Love Somalia Mobile Pack.  Many of our students are impacted by the stress of having loved ones who are affected by the looming famine in East Africa, including Somalia.  In response, local non-profit Feed My Starving Children has set the goal of 30,000 people sending 6,000,000 meals to Somalia on June 2-5.

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  • Featured post

    Summer Volunteer Opportunities at CRAEC

    Students seated at tables looking toward the front of a classroom

    Our classes run throughout the year, including the summer.  After a three week break for the end of Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr and the Fourth of July, we will come back for summer session which runs from July 5 - August 17. 

    Summer is a great time to volunteer, and we need volunteers for classroom tutors.  Contact Sarah, the volunteer coordinator: [email protected]

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  • Featured post

    Ramadan at CRAEC

    Ramadan kareem 

    Many of our students will be observing Ramadan, a special time of the year for the Cedar Riverside community and for our program.  We want to wish all of our students, staff and volunteers a very blessed Ramadan.  Ramadan Kareem!

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